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Other Activities



Let your next birthday party be full of fun and excitement when you have it at Gem City Gymnastics. Our gym is available for parties on Sat. afternoons and all day on Sundays. The party will be run by staff member and will last 1 hours. The first hour will be full of fun in the gym area. The last hour will be for cake and presents.

            The cost of the party is $100.00 for up to 10 children, and $115.00 for 11-16 children. It is up to parents to supply the cake and drinks. (If you wish, drinks may be purchased at the gym if you let us know in advance.) If you are interested, or would like more information, please contact the office.



Several times a year we offer a Parents Night Out. This is when the kids can come to the gym and play on a Friday or Saturday night while Mom and Dad get to go have fun on their own. The kids are supervised by coaches and have fun in the gym. We also provide snacks and movies. If you are interested in a Parents Night Out, watch for a notice of the next one, or check with the office.



At the end of each school year we have a Class Expo. This is a chance for the students to show off what they have learned. Each student (except preschool) will learn routines that they will do for their friends and family. Each student will receive a ribbon for every routine they do, and a trophy at the end of the Expo. This is a FUN time for the students. The coaches are on hand to help them remember the routines. It is very low key! The Expo is usually held in late May or early June. For more information, please contact the office.



This is like the Expo for the older kids, but since they are younger, our preschoolers do not learn routines. Parents can come into the gym with their children while the kids show what they can do. This is usually held in late May or early June. 



At times, we host gymnastics competition meets for out Team gymnasts. Clubs from all over Ohio come to compete at our gym. This is a very exciting time. Please feel free to come and watch when we have a meet.



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