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Fun & Fit Gymnastics

We have been licensed to offer the Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program with our gymnastics classes.

Below explains the philosophy of the program.

The Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program and Teaching Philosophy:
     "We define winning as PERSONAL BEST instead of better than others." TM
     "It is the nature of competition to produce more losers than winners, and young children

     can't distinguish "losing" from "being a loser"."

This is how the program works. Each student in our Kindergym classes, and both boys and girls gymnastics classes will receive a Fun & Fit Poster to take home. Each poster has a list of skills on it. The coach keeps a skill card on every child and marks off the skill when the student has mastered that skill. Once every 8-week session, we send home an envelop with stars in it. On the back of the star is a number. That number corresponds to a skill on the poster. When the poster is complete, we take a picture of the child with the coach (there's a place for the picture on the poster), and the child receives a certificate stating he/she has completed that poster. The child the gets the next poster.

"The posters, when sent home, encourage each student to focus on personal skill mastery without comparison to other students. The whole family can monitor the student's progress and share in the excitement as stars are awarded for skills learned. And, since the skills are broken down into achievable steps, success is experienced easily and often. This builds an expectation of future success (confidence) and an excitement for learning that carries over into life outside the gym."


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